CVNE Red Wines

After tasting the Cvne wines we had no doubt that we wanted them to be part of our selection.  Their reds are made mainly from the well-known Tempranillo grape which dominates in most of the Rioja wines we all love.  It makes these wines an explosion of red fruit in which cherry is the most powerful.  The combination of this grape with Garnacha and Graciano gives Cvne wines a unique character and elegance. These grapes bring some slightly spicy โ€“ almost peppery โ€“ notes which give the wines a longer lasting finish.

Both the Cvne Imperial and the Reserva feel silky in the mouth as their tannins are smooth so making for very easy drinking which do not need to be accompanied by heavy food. They do marry well with Spanish hams and in particular Iberico ham as the saltiness of the latter is reinforced by the red fruit personality behind Cvne wines.


Kate and Maria x