New Additions to our Wine List

This week we decided to start tasting again so we could add a few more special bottles to our wine list.

One of the first more obvious choices was the Apolonia Verdejo which comes from the Belondrade winery near Valladolid in Spain. This wine is in fact the second wine of the winery (the first being the Belondrade y Lurton) and is made from the younger vines as well as some of the wine that doesn’t end up getting used for the Belondrade y Lurton -meaning that around 30% of Apolonia is barrel aged. Although similar in many characteristics to our Bornos Verdejo, the oak lends it honey notes, and the elderflower and grass notes are more dominant in its primary flavours. This family-run producer has a personal touch which is apparent in its labels (Apolonia is named after Didier Belondrade’s daughter) but also because Didier the founder has an extremely original approach to the techniques he uses when treating the Verdejo grapes.

We had been meaning to add a Pouilly Fumé to our wine list but wanted to make sure we were completely happy with our choice as there are so many on the market. We tried several but ultimately decided on the Joseph Mellot ‘Le Troncsec’.  Pouilly fumé -  100% oaked Sauvignon blanc from the Loire in this case – is of a very high quality as this appellation consists almost entirely of limestone soils which give the wines a particularly smoky aroma – a flinty minerality that makes it crisp and sharp. This crispness is emphasised by the orange and lemon flavours which go so well with seafood and summer.

Kate and Maria x