Spring and Rose

Spring is here and with it comes a great excuse to try new rosé wines.  We find that we prefer to drink them lighter at lunchtime and then slightly fuller bodied when evening falls and we can pretend to be on the French Riviera watching the sun set. Hence here at The Continental Pantry we have decided to offer two rosés which, although both from Provence, are quite different in style.

The Miraval rosé is so light (both in colour and texture) it is quite easy to forget it is not water. The acidity emphasises its freshness and all the flavours are of delicious summer fruits.  From a purely aesthetic point of view, the shape of the bottle makes it the perfect present for any occasion. We like a glass of Miraval with ice and most often without food (a few Marcona almonds and olives aside…).

For those who prefer rosés with more body we have the Terrebrune from the mecca of all rosé - Bandol . A no-nonsense wine, the aromas are slightly more complex. Here the citrus fruit flavours are layered with ripe apricot and other tropical scents.  We enjoy this too without a big meal but it works extremely well with summer salads and seafood dishes.

So, with the sun starting to show, choose which one of these rosés suits your mood…

Kate and Maria x